Wednesday, December 2, 2009

This Week In Oceanside: Single Family Home Sales Have Been Exceeding Inventory For Weeks!

Oceanside Single Family Home Sales have been EXCEEDING inventory for weeks! 

Which shows a consistent upward shift in Oceanside Real Estate Market. 

In addition, goods news for Oceanside Home Owners, the median listing price of Oceanside homes are INCREASING! 
Mediam home listing prices have increased to $357,000. (Which is STILL a great deal on a single family home so close to the beach!)

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This general upward pricing could push up consumer confidence in the Oceanside Real Estate Market. In my opinion, many buyers will feel confident when making a purchase in a home. Home prices after the sale may go up, rather than down, giving the buyer immediate equity. 

Oliver Indra - Taking Pride In Oceanside!

Posted via email from Oceanside Homes