Thursday, November 12, 2009

207 Homes SOLD in OCEANSIDE in Oct '09!!!

The economy may be down, but Oceanside is moving along quickly compared to it's neighboring beach cities. 

In October alone, 207 homes were sold in Oceanside. Ever wonder who is buying and with what means? So did we. 
That is why we put ourselves up to the task of collecting the following data. Here is what we found: 

Out of the 207 Homes: 

70 were cash
72 were conventional loans
43 FHA financing
20 VA financing
2  other

Most AFFORDABLE home purchased in Oct? $ 160.000 - what a deal!
Most Expensive home purchased in Oct? $ 665,000 

This shows that: Every 3rd home is purchased with all cash, another 3rd is conventional, and only every 10th home is sold with VA. Looks like VA buyers are having a rougher time getting offers accepted. 

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